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401k Management


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How We Work

It is our pleasure to help ensure your plan is well-managed. With our proactive approach we enroll and educate your staff working towards maximum participation. Quarterly and annual reviews with the plan sponsor help determine if your plan is performing optimally. Mainly, we want to know that you are consistently receiving every bit of service you expect.

Please feel welcome to reach out to us if we may be of additional assistance to you as you navigate this process. 


Evaluate and select an appropriate plan provider

  • Uncover and assess plan goals.
  • Identify potential providers to pursue these goals.
  • Seek out and evaluate proposals.
  • Ensure plan sponsor understands fees and expenses.

Investment review and performance monitoring

  • Review and monitor investment funds on a quarterly basis.
  • Provide recommendations regarding the plan when appropriate.

Plan Management

  • Assist in resolving day-to-day issues.
  • Suggest potential plan enhancements consistent with legislative changes and industry needs.

Fiduciary Support

  • Establish and maintain an audit file.
  • Assist plan sponsor with their fiduciary responsibilities.

Participant education

  • Conduct semi-annual enrollment meetings.
  • Provide an annual educational meeting.

Annual contract review

  • Meeting with the plan sponsor to discuss the plan and its effectiveness as it relates to employee participation rate, cost, performance and compliance.

Annual Support Benefits

  • 4 reviews of your investment funds.
  • 2 enrollment meetings.
  • 1 employee education seminar.
  • 1 plan effectiveness review.

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