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Founded in 2015 with a customer-centered approach to asset management, Desla Wealth Management provides a wide swath of financial services and products to our diverse clientele. Because all of our clients have their own unique set of investment goals, we offer personalized investment strategies tailored to fit their individual needs. Unlike large investment firms that treat you like an account number, Desla Wealth Management treats you like a member of our family, providing you the personal touch and care your financial future deserves.

With years of successful experience in private wealth management, you can count on the steady hands of Desla’s experienced investors to protect and grow your personal wealth in the bull markets and bear markets alike. As financial fiduciaries, the well-being of our clients is our chief concern. With Desla, the client always comes first.



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401K Management

In today’s job market, a 401k plan is an important benefit that allows a company to attract and retain the talent necessary for its success and growth. With such a wide variety of plans and providers, selecting the right 401k for your employees can be a daunting chore. You can trust the investment management experts at Desla to help you select and manage your plan to ensure your employees get the best results in all financial climates. Our extensive 401K portfolio management services include:

● Evaluating and selecting an appropriate plan provider

● Investment review and performance monitoring

● Ongoing plan management

● Participant education

● Annual contract review

By choosing the Desla Wealth Management firm to manage your 401k plan, you are showing your employees that you are invested in their financial future and prosperity. We invite you to learn more about our flexible and active 401k management services, or you can contact one of our wealth managers to set up a free consultation to answer all of your questions.

Investment Portfolio Management

A diversified portfolio is the soundest strategy for investing your wealth. The correct mix of stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and other financial products is a wise investment strategy that allows for the best results in any stock market. Desla’s financial portfolio management services create a customized investment plan based on your own unique needs and goals.

Unlike many other wealth management companies, our customer-centered focus means that your assets are actively monitored and managed, allowing Desla’s wealth managers to adapt to changing market trends and conditions. We invite you to learn more about our range of investment management services, or you can contact one of our wealth managers to set up a free consultation.


Comprehensive Wealth Management Services 

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For comprehensive and customer-centered wealth management in Des Moines and beyond, you can look no further than the experienced financial minds at Desla Wealth Management. Our asset and capital management services provide sound investment options designed to preserve and build your personal wealth.


Don’t trust your financial future to large firms that don’t know your needs and goals, come to the independent wealth management firm that provides your wealth with the care and attention it deserves. Contact one of our expert financial minds today to discuss our wide array of financial products and services.




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