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The Importance Of Offering A 401K Plan

In the modern labor market, a 401k plan is a crucial tool for employers wishing to recruit and retain the most skilled workers. If your business provides a robust 401k plan, it demonstrates to current and prospective workers that you are deeply invested in helping them attain a bright and prosperous financial future. In turn, your workforce will demonstrate increased loyalty and productivity, providing the business with an extremely beneficial return on its investment.

Delegating Your 401K Management Is A Wise Choice

Successfully managing a 401k plan for your workforce is a time-consuming and challenging undertaking. Desla Wealth Management understands that your attention and efforts are best directed to the day-to-day running of your business. That is why our wealth management firm offers effective 401k management services to help your employees attain their investment goals while allowing you to focus on business matters. 

401K Plan Management That Puts Your Employees First

Choosing to work with our experienced investor Dean Khatib will provide your company and its workforce with a knowledgeable financial fiduciary to look after their investment. Because Dean is a fiduciary, his only goal is the well-being and success of the firm’s clients. As a family-owned business, we at Desla see our clients as extended members of our financial families and provide a detailed level of customer care that larger corporate firms cannot match. When you choose Desla, you can rest assured that your employees will get the effective wealth management services they deserve.

Our Plan Management Services

We Help You Select Which 401k Fund To Choose

Our experienced wealth manager Dean works closely with employers to uncover and assess their 401k goals. Using these goals as a guide, Dean will uncover a series of potential candidates and select the fund that has the right balance of benefits, fees, and expenses for your business and its workforce.

Active Performance Monitoring

Successful investment management requires active and regular performance monitoring. Just as your stock portfolio will perform differently as individual stock market sectors grow and shrink, so will your 401k fund. Dean, a financial fiduciary understands this and performs in-depth quarterly reviews of your selected plan. If changes are warranted, our wealth manager will suggest better investment opportunities for your business and its employees.

Adaptive Plan Management

The duty of managing a 401k can be tedious, so Desla Wealth Management handles the regular tasks so you don’t have to. We also are quick to act when sudden events influence the markets to change rapidly. Large shifts in monetary policy or government legislation may require more immediate action to preserve and grow your employees' wealth. Because we see our clients as extended family, we stand ready to make changes even before quarterly reviews.

Fiduciary Support & Participant Education

Part of being a responsible wealth manager and fiduciary is transparency. Our experienced investor Dean will create and maintain an audit file that provides a clear evolution of your plan’s management. We also know that educating your employees is paramount to maintaining confidence in their plan and its management. Therefore we provide semi-annual 401k enrollment meetings and yearly educational meetings to help your staff understand the performance and benefits of their 401k plan.

Annual Contract Review

Desla provides employers with an annual meeting where we discuss all aspects of their 401k plan and its management to ensure they are satisfied with the performance, costs, and employee confidence in their 401k.

Choose To Work With Desla’s Experienced Managers

A robust 401k plan is a vital component of an overarching investment strategy. Along with a mix of investments such as stocks and bonds, diversified portfolios containing 401k plans can help unlock a brighter financial future for individuals. By providing this essential benefit, you can show your employees that you value them and their dreams for a financially secure future. By selecting Desla Wealth Management to manage their plans, you will be choosing an experienced guide to help protect and grow their wealth in bear markets and bull markets alike.


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