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Since 2015, our experienced investor Dean Khatib has helped our firm’s clients work toward their investment goals and a brighter financial future. As part of our broad range of wealth management services, Desla Wealth Management offers highly effective and adaptive investment portfolio management to help protect and grow your wealth in an ever-evolving market.

The Benefits Of Working With A Financial Fiduciary

Dean Khatib at Desla Wealth Management wears the title of financial fiduciary as a badge of honor. As a company founded on the principle of providing excellent client-centered care, our investor is focused on just one thing, your financial well-being. When you chose Desla for any of our financial services, from 401K management to managing your stock portfolio, you can rest assured that the preservation and growth of your wealth motivate our every move.

The Desla Portfolio Management Process

When you decide to place your financial assets under our management, your Desla managed portfolio will be cared for under our proven multi-step process designed to help you reach your financial goals.

Determine Your Current Finances & Your Future Goals

In this critical first step, Desla’s wealth manager Dean will work closely with a client to examine all current assets and liabilities while ascertaining their short and long-term financial goals.

Evaluate & Understanding Investment Objectives

In order to develop a personalized investment strategy, our seasoned wealth manager Dean will discuss and gauge a client’s level of risk versus return tolerance. From this in-depth conversation, Dean prepares a strategy for investing that reflects the client’s unique mix of assets, liabilities, goals, and risk tolerance.

Develop Asset Allocation & Select Investment Options

Using the prepared investment strategy as a roadmap, Dean and the investment management team will create a mix of investment opportunities tailored to help a specific client reach their goals. To help eliminate unnecessary risks, assets will be allocated in a strategically diversified portfolio. These carefully composed portfolios may include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, EFTs, and other investment opportunities.

Ongoing Portfolio Review & Adaptive Management

Active portfolio management for our clients begins on day one. Dean, our experienced wealth manager, will actively monitor a client’s unique portfolio to ensure it performs optimally in bull markets and bear markets alike. As economic conditions change, or new opportunities open in various stock market sectors, our portfolio manager works with clients to rebalance their investment portfolio as needed to make sure they continue to work towards their investment goals.

Put Your Future In Desla’s Capable Hands

By entrusting your investments to Desla Wealth Management you are taking a substantial step to reach your investment targets and a more prosperous financial future. We invite you to contact us today to set up a friendly consultation over the phone or in person at our West Des Moines offices. We hope you will come experience the Desla difference, where you get the client-centered service you and your investments deserve.


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